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Author Topic: Argonath Express Advertising  (Read 121 times)

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Argonath Express Advertising
« on: March 21, 2018, 08:04:11 am »

Here are the guidelines info for advertising with Argonath Express:

1. Advertisements are placed by contacting Editor-In-Chief JDC through Forum PM or Discord (JDC#0664).

2. Ad placements are made on a first-come, first-serve basis. If the particular spot you are after is already taken for the upcoming Issue, then either choose another spot (if any are available) or wait for the next available Issue.

3. Advertisements may NOT feature any material in violation of server and community rules, nor support any individuals / causes that try / have tried to endanger the Argonath RPG community and its players.

4. Advertisements may NOT feature any directly illegal material. This direct mentions of illegal substances or slogans / messages that directly violate any laws. Since advertising uses the same legal restrictions as IG /ad, illegal materials and causes may be advertised indirectly (e.g. "Buy MATH Books today!") as the newspaper company, in RP, takes any advertisements at face value. As such, no material will be published that can cause AE to be sued by the government in court.

5. Advertisements may NOT feature any competitor news groups. The only exceptions are for internally-made material commissioned and/or approved by the Editor-In-Chief.

6. The Editor-In-Chief and the Editorial Staff reserve all right to accept and publish Advertisements at their discretion.

7. Advertising prices may be changed at any time, with prior notice posted to this forum, AE's Argo Forum topic, and AE's Discord server. (links for the latter two available above)

7. The following is a comparison of Advertisement sizes. These are not exact dimensions (nor will they appear all at once in a Newspaper, owing to space limitations), but rather the approximate space they take up compared to the rest of the Newspaper:

As specified above, there will only be a maximum of 1 Front Ad and 1-3 Back Ads per issue.

For any questions or clarifications, contact me directly.

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